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Supply chain

With the aim of satisfying our customers we implemented a set of tools enabling optimisation of
our supply chain, often by being a precursor in our profession, especially for :
  • Upstream traceability (stickers on pallets …) set up in 1999.
  • Co-managed inventory started in 2000.
  • Electronic Data Interchange : orders (2002), advice of dispatch (2004).
  • Dematerialization of invoices (2008).

The supply chain is essential for l’Abeille and our rates of production imply optimized organisation based on quick rotation of stocks and just in time supply management.

Supplies :
Except for water, our raw materials and packaging are delivered by road. About 2000 trucks pass in transit through our delivery bays.

Suply chain : chargementStorage unit :
Capacity : 14000 pallets.

Loading of trucks :
The dispatch of finished products represents an annual flow of about 9000 trucks. Our forklift operators are committed to loading trucks as soon as they get to L’Abeille with an average loading time of 20 mn.