L'Abeille, creation and production of beveragesInnovation, Quality, Responsiveness

The art of creation

Colas, lemonades, fruit drinks, tonics, energy drinks, still juicy drinks, still tea drinks, syrups … L’Abeille offers a wide range of drinks to answer all your needs !

Creative and reactive, our team supports you throughout your project: from the conception of a drink to its packaging.

Soft drinks


Lemonade is the historic product of L’ABEILLE since it is at the origin of the company’s creation in 1876. Supported by this long experience we still offer a traditional lemonade and we have followed the market trend by offering a diet version, an organic lemonade, strengthening our position as French leader.
In order to respond to every type and moment of consumption, our range offers various sizes of PET bottles : 2 L, 1.5 L, 1 L, 50 cl and 33 cl.
We also offer 30 L kegs for on premise.


Leading category in soft drinks, we offer a wide range

from classic colas :
- regular cola, zero cola, diet cola, caffeine-free cola, caffeine-free diet cola, caffeine-free zero cola,

to more original colas :
- lime diet cola, cherry cola, zero cherry cola ….
We offer choice to consumers with different sizes of PET bottles : 2 L, 1.5 L, 50 cl, 33 cl, 25 cl.

Tonic water

The classic carbonated drink, tonic water, has been produced for several decades by L’ABEILLE, with a regular version as well as a diet version. In order to meet consumer demand for new experience, we did create flavoured tonics, elderflower or cucumber.
The sizes available (1.5 L, 50 cl and 33 cl PET) are adapted to consumption habits (pure or mixed).

Sparkling Fruit Drinks and Still fruit drinks

We provide a large range of fruit drinks:
- pulp drinks : orange, zero orange, blood orange, tropical fruits,
- classic pops : orangeade, lemon, lime, grapefruit, cherry, apple
- classic diet pops : citrus fruits, lemon-lime
- innovative pops : orange guarana, lemon grapefruit, pomegranate raspberry, pomegranate cherry, cranberry blackcurrant, mojito,piña colada …
- fizzy juice drinks ;: fizzy juices drinks with high juice contents (50 to 100 %), without added sugar, without preservative, to marry the benefits of juices with the pleasure of soft drinks.
This range offers PET bottles in 2 L, 1.5 L, 1 L, 50 cl, 33 cl to answer all wishes and consuming times.
- still fruit drinks  : lemon, peach, strawberry, apple, tropical, orange, apple banana ...
This range offers PET bottles in 1 L, and 33 cl.

Thanks to our new aseptic line, we can offer these fruits juices beverages without any preservative.

Energy drinks

We did innovate for both bottle and recipe, with black PET bottles and fruit based energy drinks.


L’ABEILLE has been producing syrups in glass bottles for more than 40 years. The range includes classic flavours such as mint, « grenadine », lemon and orange, as well as more recent flavours such as strawberry, peach or blackcurrant.
Based on many years of experience in conception of syrups and PET bottling, L’Abeille set up in 2013 a new versatile production line which enables us to bottle syrups in PET bottles, answering consumers expectations for lightness and convenience.


In 2014, L’Abeille innovates once again with the launching of the first concentrated for home drinks makers under Private Label.
These concentrated enable you to create yourself your favourite fizzy drink, thus answering strong expectations of consumers :

L’Abeille took advantage of its experience in soft drinks to create flavours loved by all : cola, lemonade, orange, lemon, pink grapefruit …