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Innovation is crucial for L’ABEILLE and this priority takes concrete form through its R&D and Marketing teams.

By analysing the trends in society, constantly monitoring the competition and listening to customers, the Marketing gets to know the market and consumer behaviour in order to identify tomorrow’s concepts.

The R&D team is also constantly monitoring developments (flavours, ingredients, regulation, technology …). They update a wide range of samples of flavours which enables them to create and realize any project for new beverages quickly.

The 2 teams work together to offer new products to our customers and constantly improve the existing products.

Beyond the recipes and their taste and nutritional specificities, L’ABEILLE also has a wealth of offers for packaging, preservation processes or production.
Packaging is improved with a constant concern for the respect of the environment, working on weight reduction as well as recycling (introduction of 25 % of rPET in our preforms).

Our innovation strategy is based on answering consumers' main expectations. One of these expectations is naturalness and l'Abeille is a pioneer in this matter :

  • first company able to provide fizzy fruit juice drinks without preservative thanks to an innovative aseptic line.
  • first company which has integrated stevia (natural sweetener) in sparkling beverages.