L'Abeille, creation and production of beveragesInnovation, Quality, Responsiveness


1876 L’ABEILLE was originally created by Mr Uzureau to produce lemonade on a small scale. L’Abeille (the “bee” in French) was the name of the mare which Mr. Uzureau did his deliveries with. The cart pulled by this mare was often surrounded by bees, attracted by the lemonade sometimes dripping from the carried bottles.
1957 The company was bought by Mr Résibois. At that time production moved from small-scale to industrial scale and extended its range to other non alcoholic beverages with the development of the soft drinks market in France.
1970 The growth of non alcoholic drinks led Mr Résibois to set up the bottling factory on a bigger site in the south east of Cholet at the current location “rue d’Obernai”.
1979 L’ABEILLE started its partnership with supermarket groups thus selling nationally and set up its quality policy.
1985 L’ABEILLE invested in a production line for PET, the start of a gradual move from glass to plastic bottles.
1989 On the 31st December 1989, the brewer Ann Street, located in Jersey and well established in the Channel Islands owning pubs and beverage sales activities, bought the company from the Résibois family
1997 A production line for small size bottles ( 50 cl and 33 cl PET) was set up.
1998 Warehouse facilities were extended and the blowing capacity of PET bottles doubled.
2002 In August 2002, Ann Street merged with another group from Jersey to form the CIT group (Channel Islands Traders).
2006 L’ABEILLE set up a pasteurizer in order to extend its ability to create and produce.
2007 In August 2007, the Sandpiper group took over CIT so becoming the owner of L’ABEILLE.
2007 L’ABEILLE obtained IFS certification in October 2007.
2009 LSDH, a group located in Loiret, begins a partnership with L’Abeille’s management team : together, they take over the company that becomes French again.
2011 Lauching of the first aseptic line in Europe capable of producing sensitive, pulped, preservative-free carbonated drinks with high level of juices.
2013 L’Abeille launches PET-bottled syrups, thanks to a new versatile production line.
2014 L'Abeille launches the first concentrated for home drink makers under Private Label.
2017 L'Abeille creates and bottles its first still juicy drinks.