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Well-being drinks

The search for well-being and health is a strong expectation for consumers and most of them wish to reach this via what they eat and drink. Drinks fall into this category due to the primary hydrating function.

Thanks to its R&D team and its technological equipment, L’ABEILLE has created drinks with plant extracts or functional ingredients for draining, energy or isotonic drinks …
The possibilities are numerous, both for recipes (vitamin, mineral, fibre-enriched …) and packaging (shape, size of the bottle).


Sirops L’ABEILLE has been producing dilutables in glass bottles for more than 30 years. The range includes classic flavours such as mint, « grenadine », lemon and orange, as well as more recent flavours such as strawberry and peach.

Based on many years of experience, L’ABEILLE has become the leader of low price squashes sold through supermarkets in France.
We also export our dilutables under L’Abeille brand (especially to Africa).

In 2013, L'Abeille sets up a new versatile production line, able to produce dilutables in Glass and PET bottle.